Artificial Intelligence

Bringing up the Middle Market

The middle market is a vast, untapped ocean of mostly private companies with revenues in the range of $5M - $500M. These form almost half of the world GDP, yet they are unrecognized, technologically underserved, fragmented, and inefficient. The potential for blockchain and artificial intelligence to make a significant, positive impact is tremendous.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, maybe it's an artificial duck

[First appeared in LinkedIn on July 30, 2017]

For several years leading up to 1950, there was considerable debate about what it means for computers to be intelligent and on the differences between human versus artificial intelligence. There was a lot of angst based on interpretations from theology, mathematics, consciousness, etc.

LEXMEA: Learning Expert System Model for Engineering Applications

Co-authors: P.G. Reddy and K.C. Reddy

Chapter in book: Artificial Intelligence in Engineering: Tools and Techniques, Eds. Sriram D. and Adey, R.A., Computational Mechanics Publications, 1987, pp. 197-218

LEXMEA: Learning Expert System Model for Engineering Applications," K. K. Garimella, P.G. Reddy, and K.C. Reddy, in Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, 1987