BPM Basics for Dummies

This book helps you understand what BPM is really all about. We wrote it because BPM is so useful and so powerful — and because it is also very accessible. We wrote this book for you — the individual. You may be a business manager, or an Information Technology practitioner, or maybe an ambitious career individual who wants to know what BPM is all about and how to apply it.

BPM Basics For Dummies, Software AG Special Edition is more than just an overview or survey of BPM. It covers both the business management and information technology sides, and delves into the process-centric foundation upon which BPM is built. As a basics book, it is necessarily brief, so you’ll want to follow up in some of the areas that are most interesting or important to you. We wrote this book not only for you to read, but also for you to use as a business reference, to help you while you practice everyday BPM. BPM Basics For Dummies should help you establish a sound conceptual basis for understanding BPM, and help you appreciate how BPM is applied to achieve breakthrough business performance improvement.

BPM Basics for Business