AI+Blockchain: A Brief Guide for Game Changers

Foreword by Vint Cerf, Co-Founder of the Internet.

#43 on "100 Best Blockchain Books of All Time"

"In this book, Garimella and Fingar carry out a kind of Lewis and Clark expedition into the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain landscape. Unlike most books on these topics, the authors show a reasonable amount of caution, outlining potential hazards and warning that much of what they write, though rooted in reality, is speculative in nature and cannot be considered predictive except in the sense that some of their speculations may prove to be spot on and others wide of the mark." - From Vint Cerf's foreword.

We begin with an exploration of how we got to where we are with both AI and blockchain. We next describe specific examples of these technologies with various use cases, both horizontal (inter-industry) and vertical (intra-industry). We specifically focus on disruptions, not just linear improvements.

We conclude with a discussion of how you can leverage these game-changing ideas, what are the right questions to ask, how to focus on business value, and how to avoid being blinded by the plethora of incredibly shiny objects.

AI+Blockchain: A Brief Guide for Game Changers