Eat an Elephant Bite by Bite, and Digest Accordingly

Despite many years of planning and implementation, questions often arise in both private and public sectors about the value of IT, more specifically about projects that IT departments have initiated. Rather than tightly coupled and loosely integrated systems, use BPM to take the opposite approach.

Eating an Elephant - Desmond Tutu quote

A role-based interactions model for innovation

An important value differentiator for all companies is excellence in innovation. Knowledge workers who are able to think outside the box and to operate in flexible ways are critical drivers of innovation. A role-based, interaction-oriented process management framework is an enabling solution that facilitates innovation.

Role-Based Collaboration

BPM: Impact Your Business

[First appeared in ebizQ on March 6, 2007]

BPM - Impact Your Business

BPM on the Couch

Analyzing processes is a fundamental part of business process management. But what does that mean? Find out how Dr. Jeffrey Sterllings helps an unhappy process sort itself out in this fictional story.

BPM on the Couch

Will BPM Deep Six Six Sigma?

What is the relationship between Six Sigma and BPM? Competing or complementary methodologies? Hear Dr. Jeffrey Sterllings shed some light on this in this fictional story.

BPM and Six Sigma

Integration Challenges under Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions have a number of challenges spanning people, process, and technology. This article, referenced in at least two books, discusses the special challenges in technology integration.

Integration under M&A

An Information Systems Approach to Improving Productivity Through the Design of Efficient Incentives

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A Machine Learning Approach to Principal-Agent Problems in the Electric Utility Industry

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Expert Systems, Machine Learning and Learnability

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LEXMEA: Learning Expert System Model for Engineering Applications

Co-authors: P.G. Reddy and K.C. Reddy

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AI in Engineering: Tools and Techniques